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Van Beurden De Lier B.V. has specialised mainly in building insulated polyester vehicle bodies. Most products are tailor-made solutions: every size allowed by legal regulation is possible. The body panels are produced in our own plant in Steenbergen which enables the inclusion of many different options directly into the panels. The vehicles can be fitted with loading systems, refrigerating and heating equipment, lighting, pneumatics or electronic systems like a camera, remote control or an alarm system.

Floor with cargorail and en ducts for heating
Two doors in bodyside and rear doors with reduced turning radius
Foldable staircase
Non-flush mounted fluorescent lights of which one half of the lamps can be switched seperate from the other half
Fully foldable side panel with recessed locks
Small doors/hatches in side panel
Cargorails, Joloda-rails and adjustble hangers
Pneumatically opening door

Production of bodywork

The bodywork is built from seamless sandwich panels from our own production. Because every panel is assembled separately it is possible to take into account any chosen customisation in a very early stage: pipes and ducts for refrigerating and heating equipment are recessed into the panels, which gives a neat appearance and makes the appliance more reliable. In addition local reinforcement can be built into the panels for a second floor or for cargo securing equipment.

In the production process, durability is one of the main focusses. For example, it is possible to incorporate aramid fiber to increase the impact strength of the panels and the panels are as standard well sealed against water ingress. Of course, various options are possible in the body work, for example incorporation a second load-carrying floor, a separation wall or a gooseneck. By using high quality materials and a firm construction, vehicle bodies are especially well suited for transfer to a new chassis.

Hinges and locks

As damage to a vehicle body often strikes the rear doors, the rear portal is made out of 4mm stainless steel. The door configuration is another part that has a lot of customisation options: recessed door locks, double door locks, trough-loading trailer, double-joint hinged rear and side doors, all of these options are frequently installed.

Refrigerating and heating equipment

Very important in conditioned transport is climate control. Here too, custom-made is mostly the rule rather than the exception at Van Beurden and they are not linked to any brand. Recessing pipes and (heating) ducts into the panels is among the possibilities.

Loading, unloading and load securing

Loading and securing is another aspect of road transport. To do this fast but carefully, there are quite a few options like installation of a tail lift or a side door, use of a fully foldable (and still insulating) side panel, use of cargo securing rails and installation of a floor with pneumatic roller tracks. Especially well suited for horticulture, double-joint hinged doors are applied regularly. A second loading floor or a partitioning panel is among the possibilities as well.

Lighting and electronics

For easy loading and unloading, various kinds of (recessed) indoor lighting is available, like LED and fluorescent lighting. For lighting on the outside of the vehicle there are also various solutions. Considering electronics quite a few options are available, like rear view cameras, theft alarm systems and pneumatically actuated side doors.

Promotional painting and stickering

As Van Beurden has its own paint shop and is assisted by the best graphic professionals, your vehicle body can be finished with a splendid paint job and promotional lettering and stickering.

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The PIEK-certificate for silent loading and unloading